PRO SERIES: Elite Cup 1



August 8, 2020

Feel the energy and excitement as 8 High Performance Teams battle it out in 3 K.O. Rounds for a Prize Purse and Bragging Rights!

8 pro level performance teams battle it out for cash prizes and fame. Watch and get inspired with the godly skills and explosive rallies. Each match is run and managed by professional umpires and referee so you can expect a high quality sports event. This is for y’all badminton athletes and fans of all ages. Everyone is invited to watch!



Saturday, August 8, 2020

  • 1:00 PM Quarter Finals
  • 4:00 PM Semi Finals
  • 7:00 PM Final


Mandarin Badminton Club, 500 Esna Park Drive, Markham, ON, L3R 1H5

Team and Match Formats
  • 3 players per team  (any gender combination)
    • ​Advantage Points:
      • 8-0 Points (WS vs. MS, WD vs. MD)
      • 5-0 Points (XD vs. MD, WD vs. XD)
  • Tie Format:
    • 1 Singles
    • 1 Doubles
    • Golden Set (if 1 - 1 draw)
      • Golden Set is 1 set of Doubles or Singles to 21 points (change sides at 11).
      • If both team do not agree which event to play (i.e. singles or doubles) in the Golden Set, then a coin toss will decide on the event to be played.
  • Shuttles, Referee & Umpires provided by IBL and Partners

  • Entry Fee: $0 (FREE registration)
  • Due Date: February 29, 2020
  • Register Teams by emailing with the following information:
    • Team Name
    • Player names (3 players minimum required to confirm a team's registration.  Your team can have 2 spare players; if a spare player is used, they have to continue playing the remainder of the tournament.  Therefore the player they replaced cannot play in the remainder of the tournament if the team advances to the next round.) *If  player competes internationally under a different name, please provide that name as well player's ranking will be used to determine which teams will be selected
  • Teams Selection: IBL will be selecting the top 8 registered teams to compete.  Selection will be based on teams with the most numbers of player with the highest international and national ranking/results (Greater consideration will be given to those players with recent ranking/ results vs historical ranking/results; senior vs junior ranking/results; etc.  All decisions are made based on IBL's discretion.)

  • $20 for entire event; includes entry for draw prizes
  • Children age 10 & under: Free