Pro Series

The IBL Pro Series 2020 season will feature 3 one-day Elite Cup events that players can register to compete in and a two-day Final at the end of the season which they have to qualify for through their performances in the initial 3 events.

The tie format for each Elite Cup is 1 singles & 1 doubles. If there is a 1-1 draw, then a golden set of singles or doubles is played to decide on the winner. Teams are comprised of at least 3 players. Now hold up, just because a team registers, it doesn't mean that they'll make the cut. Each Elite Cup in the Pro Series only takes the top 8 teams from all the registered teams. So best to stack your team and bring everyone's A game!

Each of the first 3 Pro Series event consists of 3 rounds; Quarter Final, Semi Final & Final. The 4th Pro Series event will consist of the top 16 doubles players and and the top 8 singles players based on their performance and ranking throughout the season events. The finale will also feature 3 rounds of round robin, and a 3/4 playoff along with the final.

The first Elite Cup event will feature a $3,500 Prize Purse. Each Elite Cup event thereafter will see an incremental increase in the prize purse along with honorarium features for qualified teams / players.