The Ignite Badminton League (IBL) is a professional badminton league in Canada. The league is currently played in various badminton clubs the Greater Toronto Area. Players compete at varying skill levels separated by Divisions. IBL is open to people of all ages and is the perfect way to improve your game, meet new friends, and enjoy the sport.

Charles Pyne, IBL's founder, moved to Canada in 2004 after living in Denmark and competing in their prestigious League. He was most surprised that a nation such as Canada, with so many badminton players across the country, did not have a league that united all the provinces and clubs.

The only league to his knowledge that existed at the time was the varsity circuit. With Canada yearning for more organized competitive play, coupled with the knowledge and experience of how much team environments can foster athletes to excel, Charles set out to create the IBL. This is his way of giving back to the sport that has taught him many life lessons. IBL is geared towards uniting clubs and players within and outside of provinces. Although IBL is open to all ages and skill levels, Charles discovered that there are many past national players as well as youth that invested many years into high performance training, that no longer have a platform to continue to compete and enjoy the sport. IBL is filling this demand in the market.

Charles believes that the way to promote the sport is by getting all the parties with interest in the sport to work together towards a common goal.


To promote and commercialize the sport of badminton by making it accessible to all as well as providing a fair and equitable system and platform for all ages and skill levels to compete.


Badminton will be recognized as a world class sport in North America where athletes can sustain a living through competing or coaching teams in a professional league and have the opportunity to pursue and complete their academics simultaneously.

  • Team Work: We believe in working together as a unit to achieve our goals.
  • Sportsmanship: We encourage displaying great attitude on and off the courts towards fellow players, officials and spectators.
  • Fair Play: We value equitable respect from and towards all players and officials.
  • Respect: We treat our staff, teams, managers, players with mutual respect. We offer an environment that is welcoming, safe and inclusive to all.
  • Learning: We believe in continuous learning and we welcome feedback from our staff, teams, players and viewers to help us better our services.
  • Dedication: We value hard work and perseverance, and the motivation to better one’s self.